You’re Pushing Yourself Too Hard: Signs that You’re Overtraining or Over-working and What to Do About it

People tend to want too much of a good thing. I hate to open by stating something that everyone knows, but there you have it. Usually we associate our lack of moderation with tangible things, such as food, alcohol, television, video games, and so forth. We know that over-consuming these things can lead to addiction, […]

Reigning in Control Over Your Body Part II: Brick by Brick

In my last post I wrote a bit about the importance of improving and maintaining one’s health, so now let’s take a look at how it can be done. This time I will focus primarily on the exercise aspect of things, so keep an eye open for another post on how to eat well. Improving […]

The Importance of Reigning In Control Over Your Body Through Diet and Exercise

When I was a teenager, I remember thinking and even remarking that people who workout and watch what they eat are stupid. I saw people who exercised and ate well as self-obsessed narcissists who had been tricked into thinking that their primary goal in life should be to look like the pretty people on TV. […]

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