Traveling with Intention Part II: Mexico Recap

A few months ago I posted a piece on the benefits of traveling with intention before I struck out to spend a couple of months in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. To summarize the point of said post, setting specific intentions for travel provides the opportunity to head into it with clearly defined goals as to what […]

Making Your Adventure a Success: The Benefits of Traveling with Intention

In forty-eight hours I’ll be winging off on yet another binge of open-ended travel, this time to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, where I’ll be spending at least two months. There’s a particular feeling that generally emerges in the final days leading up to a trip – a mixture of excitement and anticipation and even a little […] Post: 5 Things to Pack to Stay Fit While Traveling

“If you only travel occasionally, maintaining your health and fitness routine over the course of each jaunt probably isn’t such a big deal. A few days off now and again never hurt anybody, and besides, sometimes a vacation needs to be just that — a vacation. But if you’re like me and travel on a […]

Interview with New York Times Bestselling Writer, Traveler, and Entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau

This week I have another interview to share, this time with writer and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau.  Chris began making a name for himself when he launched a project called the Art of Non-Conformity (, which involves helping people discover how to achieve personal goals while doing their part to improve the world. This blog led to the […]

I Met a Man With No Face: The True Meaning of Looking on the Bright Side of Life

Paris is one of those 24/7 cities where everything is crazy all the time—or at least that’s been my experience. But then, I do tend to find myself in rather extraordinary circumstances. Carl Jung once said that “life is crazy and meaningful at once”. I believe him, and more than occasionally the crazy has brought […]

Making Big Moves: How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Going Places

  Around this same time two years ago, my girlfriend and I decided that we wanted to move to Spain. It was all very vague: we didn’t even know which city we wanted to go to. Six months later, we were living in Granada. One year after that, we were back in the U.S. Today […]

Romancing the Planet Interviewed Me, and Now I Ask You: What Do You Think It Takes to be a Writer?

Last year while I was living in Granada, Romancing the Planet had a few questions for me about traveling and being a travel writer. Here’s a quick excerpt, and you can read the entire thing at their website. “The most important qualities that a writer of any kind needs are ambition and a willingness to […]

One Year Abroad: Making Changes, Finding Happiness, and Drinking Duff

Cafe Bohemia is situated adjacent to Plaza del Lobos, a small square with a fountain in which the bums cool their feet when the weather is hot. The front of the café is so nondescript that were it not for the few posters advertising jazz quartets, you could walk by without realizing that there is […]

The Psychic Benefits of Adventure upon Which the Fate of Humanity May Depend

Why do people yearn for adventure? Just about everyone does it, to one degree or another. For some a trip to an unfamiliar part of town or to a shop rarely visited is adventurous. Others pursue it into far-flung lands, through places torn by war and calamity, up mountains, amidst exotic cultures, and a very […]

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