Thrillist: Can an Interactive Touchscreen Teach Men How to Pleasure Women Once and For All?

“From online dating to robots, technology has completely changed the way people date and have sex. But while these advances offer new means for meeting and hooking up, technique has largely been left to books, blogs, and word-of-mouth. A new app has set out to change that; offering hands-on-screen training in the art of getting […]

How to Be Romantic: It Should Be Taught In Schools Because We’re Terrible At It

It takes technique to make love last. Ovid, the Art of Love Tom Robbins once wrote that there is only one serious question – Who knows how to make love stay? There are those of you out there who would protest this, asserting that there surely must be more pressing issues at hand. Avoiding environmental […]

I Reached Out to Tom Robbins and Look What Happened: the Benefits of Connecting With Someone You Haven’t in a While (or Never Have Before)

So I wrote a letter the other day. A real letter, on paper, albeit typed then printed. Into an envelope it went, stamp on the corner, addressed on the front—to Tom Robbins. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this magician of the weird word, Robbins is one of the most acclaimed authors to […]

How to be Single: Do the Things that Make You Happy

Our culture is rather strange for a variety of reasons, one of which involves how we experience the process of seeking out romantic attachment. We have a split-personality view on the whole thing. On one hand, we’re taught to be highly selective when it comes to dating. We’re told not to settle for the wrong […]

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