Painting Bad Feels So Good: How A Creative Lifestyle Drives Success in Business

Recently I took up painting, and I quickly realized that I am a bad painter. Maybe the worst of painters. But producing something “good” was never the point. Mostly my goal was to try something new and see what came out of it. So far three things have come out of it – a bunch […]

Why I’m Sick of Building My Personal Brand: And Three Solutions

If you’re an entrepreneur – whether that means you’re a strategist, designer, copywriter, journalist, musician, or whatever your particular hustle happens to be – I’m sure you’ve encountered it again and again: articles from so-called “experts” emphasizing the importance of building your personal brand. Branding is a concept that was long relegated to companies and […]

Traveling with Intention Part II: Mexico Recap

A few months ago I posted a piece on the benefits of traveling with intention before I struck out to spend a couple of months in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. To summarize the point of said post, setting specific intentions for travel provides the opportunity to head into it with clearly defined goals as to what […]

Get Weird: 11 Real (Strange) Benefits to Taking Hallucinogens

There are some lessons—some pieces of intelligence, if you will—that are seemingly impossible to impart using words. They’re experienced based, and no combination of vocabulary will succeed at describing their impact and importance. The hallucinogenic experience and the education that it can provide falls in this languageless realm. Ask the right people, and they’ll attest […]

Interview with Bad Yogi Owner and Instructor Erin Motz

Recently I decided to start bolstering my fitness routine with yoga, but between my hectic work schedule and constant travel, the idea of joining a class wasn’t very practical. So I of course turned to the internet for resources. It turned out that there were a slew of options, and one of my favorites is a […]

A Brief Eulogy for Boxer, Poet, and Genuine Goddamn Human Muhammad Ali

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” “Wars of nations are fought to change maps. But wars of poverty are fought to map change.” “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than […]

Finding Time to Write When You Have a Busy Life

Like many people, I’ve been calling myself a writer on and off for practically all my life. It’s one of those dreams one develops that seems almost more an identity than an action or profession. You meander through the years with this vague notion that one day all of your deep thoughts and engaging story […]

Make People Care: How to Write About Your Life Without Boring Your Readers

At some point you’ve probably heard someone say it: “My life is so interesting that I ought to write a book.” Maybe they’re not talking about the daily play by play, but it isn’t uncommon for a person to go through an experience or several that they think warrants sharing with others, whether it be […]

The Seattle #ManInTree Situation: How Iatrogenic Helicopter Culture Is Ruining Everything

  “How much taxpayer money are you wasting? It’s not an emergency!” #ManInTree A Quick Word: After 25+ hours in the tree, our as-of-yet unidentified protagonist is safely on the ground and receiving medical care. This piece features a number of updates and inserts that were added as the situation progressed. I could edit to make […]

Unexpected Advice for Kids that Will Help Them Forever

Back when I was in college I spent a couple of years working in a preschool classroom. It was one of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences of my life. One question I wanted to ask my students again and again was “why?” Why are you you doing that? Why are you reacting that way? […]

The Party Was Great But It’s Winding Down: Why Booze and Drugs Are Losing Their Appeal (For Me, at Least)

I vividly remember my first drink. It was 2000 and I was sixteen. My band had its first show coming up, and we were nervous and arguing over pretty much everything. Then our exasperated drummer (whose name was also Nick) made a suggestion: “I heard that alcohol makes bands play better.” What came next was […]

Thrillist: Can an Interactive Touchscreen Teach Men How to Pleasure Women Once and For All?

“From online dating to robots, technology has completely changed the way people date and have sex. But while these advances offer new means for meeting and hooking up, technique has largely been left to books, blogs, and word-of-mouth. A new app has set out to change that; offering hands-on-screen training in the art of getting […]

How to Be Romantic: It Should Be Taught In Schools Because We’re Terrible At It

It takes technique to make love last. Ovid, the Art of Love Tom Robbins once wrote that there is only one serious question – Who knows how to make love stay? There are those of you out there who would protest this, asserting that there surely must be more pressing issues at hand. Avoiding environmental […]

Happiness is Here Now: 14 Steps You Can Take Down the Path Toward Happiness TODAY

Happiness can seem like an elusive thing. Try as we might, it often feels like it’s just beyond reach. And even when we’re experiencing something that isn’t exactly unhappiness, it can still seem like genuine, life-embracing joy is lacking. When you’re feeling unhappy, dissatisfied, or apathetic, it is important to remember that happiness isn’t some […]

The Benefits of Madness: How Cultivating (Or At Least Experimenting With) a Fringe Perspective Will Help Save the World

“I stared out to sea and said nothing for a while. But somehow I knew she was right. Yes sir, I said slowly to myself, I have the soul of a teenage girl in the body of an elderly dope fiend. No wonder they can’t understand me. This is a hard dollar, on most days, […]

Brief Missive from the Trenches: Coping with Busyness, Business, and Change

In the past year I haven’t spent more than two months living in any one town, and usually significantly less than that. It’s been a whirlwind–parties in Portland, family in Mount Vernon, a secluded cabin in Twisp, humidity and heat in New Orleans–and before this last year on the move, I spent a year trying […]

You’re Pushing Yourself Too Hard: Signs that You’re Overtraining or Over-working and What to Do About it

People tend to want too much of a good thing. I hate to open by stating something that everyone knows, but there you have it. Usually we associate our lack of moderation with tangible things, such as food, alcohol, television, video games, and so forth. We know that over-consuming these things can lead to addiction, […]

Interview with New York Times Bestselling Writer, Traveler, and Entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau

This week I have another interview to share, this time with writer and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau.  Chris began making a name for himself when he launched a project called the Art of Non-Conformity (, which involves helping people discover how to achieve personal goals while doing their part to improve the world. This blog led to the […]

I Reached Out to Tom Robbins and Look What Happened: the Benefits of Connecting With Someone You Haven’t in a While (or Never Have Before)

So I wrote a letter the other day. A real letter, on paper, albeit typed then printed. Into an envelope it went, stamp on the corner, addressed on the front—to Tom Robbins. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this magician of the weird word, Robbins is one of the most acclaimed authors to […]

I Met a Man With No Face: The True Meaning of Looking on the Bright Side of Life

Paris is one of those 24/7 cities where everything is crazy all the time—or at least that’s been my experience. But then, I do tend to find myself in rather extraordinary circumstances. Carl Jung once said that “life is crazy and meaningful at once”. I believe him, and more than occasionally the crazy has brought […]

Why Bees and Trees Don’t Concern Themselves With Crises: Losing Expectations and Asking the Right Questions

For better and for worse, human beings end up asking a lot of questions pertaining to who we are and what we’re doing with ourselves. Questioning is a good thing, maybe the most important thing we do as humans, but in this process of questioning we often find ourselves confronted with more questions than answers. […]

A Few Universal Life and Business Lessons I Learned When I Was In a Band

Every experience we have provides us with the opportunity to learn something new. Sometimes the slightest experience provides the most overwhelming realization, and in other cases, elaborate, drawn out situations deliver a series of smaller, more compact lessons. The latter was the case when, over the course of 2011 and 2012, I functioned as the […]

#LetsTalkAboutGuns: Progress Falters Due to Misconceptions From Both Sides of the Table

“It seemed to me that constant stressing of the individual rights and privileges of American citizenship had overshadowed the equally important truth that such individualism can be sustained only so long as the citizen accepts his full responsibility for the welfare of the nation that protects him in the exercise of these rights.” –Dwight Eisenhower, Crusade […]

Making Big Moves: How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Going Places

  Around this same time two years ago, my girlfriend and I decided that we wanted to move to Spain. It was all very vague: we didn’t even know which city we wanted to go to. Six months later, we were living in Granada. One year after that, we were back in the U.S. Today […]

What Makes the Muskrat Guard His Musk? Courage: the Definition and Path to Bravery

It’s common to have memories that you look back on with a fair level of self-deprecation over having lost your backbone in a crucial moment. I certainly do it from time-to-time. Every once in a while I feel a twinge of something bordering on disgust when I recall some opportunity that I was too timid […]

Escaping the Escape from the Present Moment: Why Every Few Years I Move to the Middle of Nowhere

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” –Henry David Thoreau Neither my girlfriend nor I are very TV-oriented. […]

The “Right Mood” Fallacy: Nothing Ever Gets Better if You Wait for the Right Moment

We say or think it all the time: “I’m not in the right mood for [insert activity] now.” Whether we’re talking about exercise, looking for a new job, being social, going to the DMV, or something as simple as sitting down to read a book, we use our mood as a scapegoat so that we […]

Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be Alright: How to Reduce Stress by Looking Ahead

First off, I’d like to mention that the inspiration from this post came from a great little book by Dr. Richard Carlson called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and It’s All Small Stuff”. It’s a quick read with a lot of great, easy to digest points and suggestions for reducing stress and finding a more balanced […]

Happiness Is Here Now: 14 Things You Can Do to Find Happiness TODAY

Want to start being happier today? Download Life Done Write’s list of 14 practical things you can do immediately to find more life satisfaction. “When you’re feeling unhappy, dissatisfied, or apathetic, it is important to remember that happiness isn’t some tangible thing that is “over here” or “over there”. Happiness is ever-present. It’s always right […]

Join the Great Conversation: the Importance of Having Art in Your Life

Sitting across from one another on opposite banks of the Seine stand the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay. Both are world-class museums, but if you end up in Paris, I recommend the latter. Most people will ignore this advice because they’re supposed to go to the Louvre. It’s just one of those things you do in […]

How to be Single: Do the Things that Make You Happy

Our culture is rather strange for a variety of reasons, one of which involves how we experience the process of seeking out romantic attachment. We have a split-personality view on the whole thing. On one hand, we’re taught to be highly selective when it comes to dating. We’re told not to settle for the wrong […]

Surprise! The World Isn’t Ending. Now What Are You Gonna Do?

Back when I was an angst-ridden teenager I was absolutely, positively, 100% sure that the world was going to end sooner rather than later. Either pollution would kill us all, or some sort of catastrophe would wipe the Earth clean, or it would all go down in some way relating to the two wars we […]

The Game is Rigged, So You Might as Well Set the Odds in Your Favor: the Art of Making Your Own Luck

“Opportunity is missed by people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”                                                 —Thomas Edison Around the time I was finishing up college all I wanted to do was get into bartending, as many kids that age do. Sure, I was working on a degree in writing, but launching an actual writing […]

One Year Abroad: Making Changes, Finding Happiness, and Drinking Duff

Cafe Bohemia is situated adjacent to Plaza del Lobos, a small square with a fountain in which the bums cool their feet when the weather is hot. The front of the café is so nondescript that were it not for the few posters advertising jazz quartets, you could walk by without realizing that there is […]

What Makes a Good New Year’s Resolution and How Do You Make it Stick?

Whenever the holiday season rolls around, people tend to start making claims about the upcoming year. As she loads up on a third serving of turkey and potatoes, Aunt Carol says that she’s going to lose weight. A dishwasher working on Christmas Eve exclaims that in the oncoming year he’s going to land the job […]

Almost 30: Finding the Time to Accomplish Everything

  I’m going to go ahead and be upfront: this post may read as if it lacks in structure. If it comes off as a bit of a ramble, that’s because it is, and those who know me best are familiar with my propensity for a good ramble. It will be my birthday in a […]

An Interview with Raptitude Creator David Cain

I’m changing things up with this week’s post. Instead of sharing some of the things I’ve learned along my trek into happiness, here are a few words from another explorer of the territory where—as philosopher Ken Wilber might put it—the Good, the Beautiful, and the True become self-evident. Writer, ponderer, and ever-developing human-being David Cain […]

Developing Willpower: Denying Yourself Superfluities in Order to Allow Your True Self

There are a number of significant people from throughout history who argue that our sense of will is a rather important thing. To quote just a few: “The education of the will is the object of our existence.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson “Those that are firm in their will mold the world to themselves.” –Johann von […]

A Word from Vincent Van Gogh: Setting Your Caged Bird Free

Years ago I came across a collection of letters that the master of epileptic sunflowers and starry nights had sent to his brother Theo, and interspersed throughout these missives were countless gems of diamond cut insights that spoke directly to the human condition, often with a particular emphasis on the plight of the artist (a […]

Attaining Happiness: How You Can Use Dissatisfaction as a Tool for Finding Balance

Every single person, from the Dali Lama to Dick Cheney (you will probably never again see these two names in the same sentence, so enjoy it), experiences varying degrees of elation and disappointment. For some, life is an easy and content hammock punctuated only by the occasional irritating need to stand up for another beer. […]

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