Interview with Courtney Klop, Owner and Coach at Health for Happiness

Illustrating yet again that the world is small, I recently made the acquaintance of one Courtney Klop, with whom I not only share a number of friends, but who is also a health and fitness expert and enthusiast who had recently returned to the U.S. following a lengthy jaunt to southern, Spanish-speaking climes. So it […]

Interview with Bad Yogi Owner and Instructor Erin Motz

Recently I decided to start bolstering my fitness routine with yoga, but between my hectic work schedule and constant travel, the idea of joining a class wasn’t very practical. So I of course turned to the internet for resources. It turned out that there were a slew of options, and one of my favorites is a […]

Interview with Pubslush Co-Founder Amanda Barbara

It’s time for another interview, this time with entrepreneur and Pubslush co-founder Amanda Barbara. In a nutshell, Pubslush is an innovative crowdfunding platform that connects writers, readers, and publishing industry professionals from all over the world in an effort to help authors gather the funding and following necessary to successfully produce their books. I was […]

Interview with New York Times Bestselling Writer, Traveler, and Entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau

This week I have another interview to share, this time with writer and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau.  Chris began making a name for himself when he launched a project called the Art of Non-Conformity (, which involves helping people discover how to achieve personal goals while doing their part to improve the world. This blog led to the […]

Romancing the Planet Interviewed Me, and Now I Ask You: What Do You Think It Takes to be a Writer?

Last year while I was living in Granada, Romancing the Planet had a few questions for me about traveling and being a travel writer. Here’s a quick excerpt, and you can read the entire thing at their website. “The most important qualities that a writer of any kind needs are ambition and a willingness to […]

An Interview with Raptitude Creator David Cain

I’m changing things up with this week’s post. Instead of sharing some of the things I’ve learned along my trek into happiness, here are a few words from another explorer of the territory where—as philosopher Ken Wilber might put it—the Good, the Beautiful, and the True become self-evident. Writer, ponderer, and ever-developing human-being David Cain […]

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