Interview with Courtney Klop, Owner and Coach at Health for Happiness

Illustrating yet again that the world is small, I recently made the acquaintance of one Courtney Klop, with whom I not only share a number of friends, but who is also a health and fitness expert and enthusiast who had recently returned to the U.S. following a lengthy jaunt to southern, Spanish-speaking climes. So it […]

Making Your Workout More Effective and Efficient Part II: HIIT, Full Range of Motion, Yoga, and Practical Application

A couple of years back when I was just beginning to get deep into my fitness journey, I hit a point when my motivation and interest began to wane. It didn’t take me long to realize that there were two main reasons first this. First, I was performing the exact same routine every day, which […]

Pushin’ Rope: Why a Jump Rope is a Life-Changing Piece of Exercise Equipment

When I first launched my exercise-ship several years ago (well, it might have started out as more of a dinghy), it wasn’t long before I fell in love with running. Running outdoors was alright, but at the time I was living in a rather busy urban area, so my enthusiasm for putting one foot in […]

Interview with Bad Yogi Owner and Instructor Erin Motz

Recently I decided to start bolstering my fitness routine with yoga, but between my hectic work schedule and constant travel, the idea of joining a class wasn’t very practical. So I of course turned to the internet for resources. It turned out that there were a slew of options, and one of my favorites is a […]

A Brief Eulogy for Boxer, Poet, and Genuine Goddamn Human Muhammad Ali

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” “Wars of nations are fought to change maps. But wars of poverty are fought to map change.” “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than […]

The Party Was Great But It’s Winding Down: Why Booze and Drugs Are Losing Their Appeal (For Me, at Least)

I vividly remember my first drink. It was 2000 and I was sixteen. My band had its first show coming up, and we were nervous and arguing over pretty much everything. Then our exasperated drummer (whose name was also Nick) made a suggestion: “I heard that alcohol makes bands play better.” What came next was […]

Happiness is Here Now: 14 Steps You Can Take Down the Path Toward Happiness TODAY

Happiness can seem like an elusive thing. Try as we might, it often feels like it’s just beyond reach. And even when we’re experiencing something that isn’t exactly unhappiness, it can still seem like genuine, life-embracing joy is lacking. When you’re feeling unhappy, dissatisfied, or apathetic, it is important to remember that happiness isn’t some […]

On the Go Fitness: Keeping Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle

“Time and focus – it never seems like we have enough. Between work, family, social life, and the endless number of errands and chores that compete for our attention, our time and focus end up stretched so thin that all other considerations are forced to the wayside. So where do you find the opportunity to […]

You’re Pushing Yourself Too Hard: Signs that You’re Overtraining or Over-working and What to Do About it

People tend to want too much of a good thing. I hate to open by stating something that everyone knows, but there you have it. Usually we associate our lack of moderation with tangible things, such as food, alcohol, television, video games, and so forth. We know that over-consuming these things can lead to addiction, […]

Fed Up: A Movie that Exposes How the Food Industry Is Killing You With Sugar

Diet and exercise—it’s the end-all solution to obesity that is prescribed time and time again. But if that’s the truth, why is it that while the rate of Americans who exercise is climbing and grocery stores are increasingly packed with so-called “healthy options”, US obesity rates are still skyrocketing? We’re dieting! We’re exercising! How are […] Post: 5 Things to Pack to Stay Fit While Traveling

“If you only travel occasionally, maintaining your health and fitness routine over the course of each jaunt probably isn’t such a big deal. A few days off now and again never hurt anybody, and besides, sometimes a vacation needs to be just that — a vacation. But if you’re like me and travel on a […]

My First Post on! 5 Things You Need to Build an Affordable Home Gym

I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the contributor team at Sharing what I’ve learned over the course of my journey into better health, fitness, and all around happiness has allowed me to connect with a lot of great like-minded people, and I look forward to reaching even more. I’ve heard a few people […]

A Few Ways to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle Faster by Making Your Workout More Effective and Efficient

So you finally realized the value in exercising, and you took the steps necessary to build a workout routine into your life little by little. Congratulations, because the simple act of getting into the habit of working out can be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. As time goes on, however, your […]

For Your Health: Don’t Die of Confusion

The latest season of the sometimes-all-too-accurate spoof series Portlandia kicked off with a humorous (and, once again, all-too-accurate) portrayal of a ghostly couple who—because they were so mixed up about health related issues—died of confusion. The depiction of this contradictory couple (“Sitting kills. It takes years off your life to sit. I read it in […]

How Making Your Own Salad Dressing Will Improve Your Life (No Joke)

This might seem a little silly, but today I’m writing about the benefits of making your own salad dressing. There are a number of them, ranging from the obvious to the subtle, and at the end you get a recipe. So, on to salad dressing…   I first learned how to make salad dressing several […]

What Makes a Good New Year’s Resolution and How Do You Make it Stick?

Whenever the holiday season rolls around, people tend to start making claims about the upcoming year. As she loads up on a third serving of turkey and potatoes, Aunt Carol says that she’s going to lose weight. A dishwasher working on Christmas Eve exclaims that in the oncoming year he’s going to land the job […]

Reigning in Control Over Your Body Part III: Food is Fuel, Not Filler

Two posts ago I discussed the benefits of improving and maintaining one’s physical health. Last week I delved into the exercise aspect of this process. Now it’s time to finish up this crash-course on health and fitness with a few words on eating habits.   I ate a lot of crap when I was young. […]

Reigning in Control Over Your Body Part II: Brick by Brick

In my last post I wrote a bit about the importance of improving and maintaining one’s health, so now let’s take a look at how it can be done. This time I will focus primarily on the exercise aspect of things, so keep an eye open for another post on how to eat well. Improving […]

The Importance of Reigning In Control Over Your Body Through Diet and Exercise

When I was a teenager, I remember thinking and even remarking that people who workout and watch what they eat are stupid. I saw people who exercised and ate well as self-obsessed narcissists who had been tricked into thinking that their primary goal in life should be to look like the pretty people on TV. […]

Developing Willpower: Denying Yourself Superfluities in Order to Allow Your True Self

There are a number of significant people from throughout history who argue that our sense of will is a rather important thing. To quote just a few: “The education of the will is the object of our existence.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson “Those that are firm in their will mold the world to themselves.” –Johann von […]

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